Saudi Arabia agreed to support India sponsored Comprehensive Convention on International Terro-rism in the United Nations

Saudi Arabia agreed to support India sponsored Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in the United Nations

. India also appreciated Saudi Arabia’s initiative in launching Islamic Alliance against terrorism.
3. Both leaders appreciated the significance of high level exchanges as well as institutional framework to promote bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade and investment, energy, defence and manpower. They acknowledged the ongoing positive transformation of the economies of India and Saudi Arabia, which pro-vides new opportunities for expan-sion of trade and investment bet¬ween the two countries. Saudi Arabia appreciated India’s recent initiatives like make in India, Clean India, which provide new scope for investment and trade.
4. Both leaders recognized that energy security is the key pillar of strategic partnership between the two countries. They agreed to transform the buyer-seller relationship in this field to a deeper partnership focusing on investment and joint ventures in petrochemical complexes and exploration in India, Saudi Arabia as well as third countries.
5. The two countries also agreed to expand cooperation in certain other areas like higher education, Science and technology, solar energy, desert ecology, urban development and people-to-people contacts.
6. The two leaders also dis¬cussed certain regional and global issues of mutual interest like the security situation in Yemen and Syria as well as Libya and Iraq and sup¬ported their peaceful resolution within the resolution of United Nations. The two leaders also sup¬ported the Arab Peace initiative for the resolution of Palestine issue.
Saudi Arabia supported the reforms of the UN Security Council, but did not back India’s claim for the per¬manent membership of the Security Council.